Sacred Healing for Emotional Wounds


Back in Brooklyn!

Learn all about the 38 unique remedies, and how and when to use them • Reduce stress in your life • Heal emotional imbalances in yourself, family, friends, clients and even pets

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Who is this Course for?

  • Anyone who would like a simple, gentle, safe tool to manage the emotional demands of everyday life

  • Parents who wish to help their children through life transitions (and for their own sanity)

  • Those who wish to engage in a self-awareness exploration towards higher consciousness

  • Therapists, Practitioners and Healers from any modality who would like to add a valuable tool to their offerings

  • Those who are looking for a highly professional training and a new career path

About this Course

In our time together you will:

  • Learn all about the magic of the 38 Bach flower remedies: how do they work, how and when to use them, how to choose the "right" ones
  • Get to know Dr. Edward Bach and his Philosophy.

  • Understand the Mind - Body connection and the link between our personalities and dis-eases

  • Learn to recognize the reactions to the remedies and how to deal with them

  • Learn the connection between Chakras and the remedies and how it can help you in choosing remedies

  • Learn the power of Meditations and visualizations to facilitate healing

  • Deepen your Listening skills and learn how to conduct an interview and a healing session

  • And more...


What You Get


Here is what you receive in The Bach Flower Course:

  • 14 weekly classes

  • Handouts and information on all of the remedies and more

  • Recordings of each class

  • Recordings of meditations

  • Use of the "student kit" - you will have the opportunity to

    start making remedies from day 1 without the need to go buy them!

  • Significant discount on buying your own kit

  • 14 weeks of my support – a teacher, healer and mentor who is there to see you, track you, answer your questions, and help monitor your growth

  • A Safe and Sacred space for you to experience your own healing and transformation journey

  • Being part of a like minded group where you will be seen and heard

  • A professional training that will allow you to add the powerful healing tool of Bach Flowers to your practice

Course Details

When: Tuesdays, October 15th 2019 to January 28th 2020 (no class on 12/24 and 12/31)

10am to 2pm

Where: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Special Discounted Price*: 

  • 1 payment of $995 OR

  • $295 deposit + 3 monthly payments of $295

That's more than $300 savings!

Regular Price: $1225 (or 4 payments of $335)

*Special offer valid through September 1st



This whole experience goes beyond a “course”, you offered us life lessons and shared tools to guide us and let our souls shine. I cannot thank you enough for sharing with us the gems that are also known as Bach Flowers
— Jennifer Hickman, prenatal yoga teacher
I was impressed by how much we were able to learn in the 3 months that our class met. Noga’s experience and integrity as a healer made this a really great class. I was able to immediately apply what I learned and especially loved making remedies each week.
— Heidi Langeneckert, Herbalist & Artist
I absolutely loved the class. Your knowledge of the flowers and how to choose certain flowers over others when making a remedy is a great gift of intuition and experience and I benefited greatly from your expertise
— Carol Patti, Nutritionist
I had no idea that I would get to know so much about myself from learning about the remedies, but that’s exactly what this course provided for me. With each remedy revealing itself in Noga’s lessons and instruction, a vivid picture formed of the remedy and what it addresses
— Kim Knittel, Writer & Mom

Bach Flowers...

The Bach Flower Remedies® are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently and safely restore the balance between mind and body by transforming negative emotions and attitudes to positive ones. 

The Bach Flower Remedies® allow peace and happiness to return and stimulate the body’s own capacity to heal itself.

There are 38 remedies, each one for a different type of personality, situation or emotional state.

They are 100% safe for the whole family including babies, children, pets and even plants, and for every stage in life including pregnancy and breastfeeding.


About the Teacher

Noga Kreiman-Miller Bach Flowers Educator

Noga Kreiman-Miller has been supporting individuals in finding Radical Self Acceptance for the last 20 years. Through her work as a Bach Flower Therapist & Teacher, IFS (Internal Family System) Practitioner and Rebirthing Facilitator she has helped hundreds of clients remove blocks from living life full of love, joy and peace, and has mentored healing facilitators to go deeper in their own work with clients. Noga masterfully leads her clients to do the most courageous and fulfilling self-work that you can do: to embrace your wounds so that you can receive all of the sacred gifts lying inside of them.

I believe our wounds hold a gift that isn’t available to us as long as it’s buried but once we heal them we release all this energy that can now go towards our growth, our transformation. We can free ourselves from the control of the past and we can let our true light shine.
— Noga Kreiman-Miller


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